What is Judo


Judo translates as 'the gentle way.' The object of Judo is to throw your opponent flat on their back with impetus, or secure a hold down for 25 seconds. In addition, Seniors learn strangulation techniques and arm lock techniques which can also win a contest outright.


The style of Judo taught at the USR is based upon Kodokan Judo. Beginners are required to obtain a BJA licence, complete the beginners’ course, and attend a grading which is held on the last Sunday of every month. After this grading is complete students can progress at their own pace and will grade again when they are ready to do so. 


We begin every class with a warm up and then push ups to streghthen the upper body and get students used to getting up off the floor over and over again. Then we practise break falls. These are a key part of judo and even seasoned black belts must practise this ritual every time they train. 

Students are then separated into ability level groups to focus on the techniques that are appropriate for their level. A teacher will over see each group to maintain learning and safety. 

Gradings this Saturday.

Make sure you bring your licenses and grading fee of £25.

Gradings taking part as following but I expect everyone in attendance to support the other gradings

Yellow – 10am

Green – 10:30am

Blue – 11:00am

Purple – 11:30am

Black – 12:30pm

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